Saturday, September 28, 2013

last session

Time flies, and here we are, at the end of our session!

Since today is the last session, it is mostly about revision.
Mr Yeap talked about multiplication and conventions, and how some children may struggle with conventions as it involve mental cognition.
We also revisit yesterday's topic on triangles.

We had a short quiz!

Amazing how it takes strategies to set question too!
For instant, for question 4, we will not be able to say "There are 3 pizzas, share it among 2/3 people"
We calculate people by 1s, not in fraction. Hence, it do takes some tricks to set a valid word problem too!

Dr Yeap then get us to paste a sticker (which represent us) on our birthday month range on the board. He then talked about computing data and putting it in a graph format. we can also do line graph or pie chart if we wish.

This are a total of 3 people playing this game. Two of them will pick up a card and place it on their forehead so that they will not know the number on their card. The person, whom is standing in the middle, will look at both cards and multiply both number together and say it out loud to the other two. the objective for the other two is to find out the number which they are holding and placing on their forehead.
Through this activity, we did differentiated learning.
Instead of multiplying, we tried addition too.
And we add more people in to hold the number cards, which makes it more challenging.
We ended the day by having group discussion for final assignment.


I really appreciate Dr Yeap for making these lessons so enjoyable.
Now that we had experience it, it is indeed true that children learn first through concrete material, then move on to pictorial, and lastly abstract items. It is also useful to have peer interaction, we get better as we talk to others about our thoughts.
We also should have differentiated learning for different children; struggling, average, advance.
This course had sure helped many "un-do" wrong practises which they were taught previously, and add on to their knowledge.

Singing off-
Teacher Huimin

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