Friday, September 27, 2013

session 5

Today, we were given time for our group work, to find an art work for our final assignment.
 We were tasked to form as many squares as possible and trace our findings on the mahjong paper.

After which, we need to find out how many times is it from this standard piece.

Some of which are hard to define the area, hence not sure how many times it is from standard square. such as this:

We then by overlapping the shapes, find out which is the same area of the square and hence, measure it!



We then moved on to having to manipulate with paper (which is of triangle shape).
We need to explore the material and explain why the sum of the angles in a triangle will be 180 degrees.

After which, we talked about folding a triangle into a rectangle.
we will find the area of the rectangle, and eventually find the area of the triangle.

 That's all for today.

Sings "it begins will a line, line, circle, circle, square square square square, triangle triangle."
All about shapes!

Signing off-
Teacher Huimin

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