Wednesday, September 25, 2013

session 3

"Without reusing the digit cards, how many ways can you add two digit numbers to two digit numbers and the answer must be two-digit number too?"
It was an interesting question that Dr Yeap had given us.
I worked out a few.
Then Dr Yeap continue to facilitate and make us think even deeper.
What is the greatest two-digit number you can form?
99? Nooooo, because remember the rule is digit card can only be used once.
Can number 0 be used? In which part?
It cannot be use as the additional area (because whatever plus zero is that number and the rule is digit card can only be used once).
However, it can be used in the one-digit place in the sum part.
Example of me and Shirley's ways of deriving at 90 (0 at the ones-digit place) and 98 (largest 2-digit number that can be formed)
and after which, we had a QUIZ!
It is for us to apply our knowledge based on what we learn over the past 2 days.

Anyway, we moved on the next problem, to divide a rectangle into 4 equal parts.
we can perceive the rectangle to be chocolate, cloth, whatever.

I was craving for pizza, so yes, my rectangle is the pizza.
and I am suppose to divide it equally into 4 parts and share it with my friends.

Then I heard comments from my classmate, "why do we need to share? I am sure they can afford it themselves".
True also, hahahaha!

So anyway, I attempted on the question!

Everyone was then challenged again, to divide the rectangle equally, but of different shapes.

Awwww, it is something for me to think about..

Clare came out with a few brilliant solutions
(and I forget to take a photo of it, hopefully she will post it on her blog.)

We ended the day with a last problem,
which is to divide 3 fourths equally between 2 people.

Each should get 3 eighths of it.
But the problem is... How to derive to that answer? How many methods are there?

With that, we sum up about fractions.

That's all for now.

Signing off-
Teacher Huimin

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